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STRATxAI formerly known as AIKIDO

Breaking down many of the high barriers to quantitative investing and opening up what was formerly confined to hedge funds, financial institutions or those with extensive coding and data science expertise. Using the highest quality financial data in the world, powerful computing and intuitive user interface, STRATxAI has opened up quantitative investment to everyone.

Our worldwide team of specialists in software engineering, UX, AI, quantitative and data analysis, bringing decades of academic research, professional and investing experience to STRATxAI. We put the power of data, sophisticated research and analysis behind the investment strategies and platform, giving investors back time and leaving them in control of their portfolio.

Who Made it Possible

Dr. Paul Clifford is our Chief Executive Officer. With two decades of global trading experience at quant hedge funds and investment banks across the US, UK and Asia. Paul's passion for quantitative investing began as early as University with his B.Sc in Financial Mathematics, Masters in High performance computing and PhD on Computational PDEs.

Conor Naylor is our Chief Financial Officer. Co-founder of the company, skilled quant engineer and lifetime technophile. Highly awarded with University Degrees and Masters in Computing, Engineering and Analytics. Conor has been a driving force behind the mission to unlock the investing methods formerly confined to financial institutions.

Tom Nolan is our Chief Technology Officer. Part of the founding company team, bringing a decade of prior experience in software development. Skilled and highly educated with top Degrees and Masters in Computing specialising in security and cloud architecture. Tom ensures the safety and security of the platform is kept at world class standards.


Nicola Hudson is our Chief Communications Officer. An expert in advertising, marketing and broadcasting, with twenty years experience in leadership roles.

Eoin Payne

Eoin Payne is our Senior Software Engineer. His emphasis is on the website and user facing features.

Marcel Garcia

Marcel Garcia  is our Head of Machine-Learning. Background in Artificial Intelligence, data analysis and QA engineering.