STRATxAI sits at the cutting-edge of investing strategy and AI powered alpha generation. Serving enterprise clients across the financial services sector, with our investing-as-a-service model.

We specialise in data-driven smart portfolio construction, powered by the proprietary STRATxAI engine. Combining our domain expertise in quantitative investing and machine-learning, our engine enables financial professionals to leverage the power of data, using our platform without having the need to code themselves.

Since 2022, we have been perfecting our big data and machine-learning engine, and have developed powerful quantitative investing portfolios designed to outperform benchmarks. We put the power of data and analysis behind our investment approach.

Read on to meet our core team who combine decades of academic research and investment industry expertise, with specialist technology skills.

Meet the team

Dr. Paul Clifford, our Chief Executive Officer, contributes two decades of invaluable global trading expertise spanning quant hedge funds and investment banks across the US, UK and Asia. With an esteemed academic foundation he holds a Masters in high-performance computing and earned his Ph.D. on computational PDEs from the University of Warwick.

Conor Naylor co-founder of the company, skilled software developer and a specialist in data analytics, he is pivotal in the development of our quantitative infrastructure and product. He holds a First Class Honours degree in electronic and computer engineering from the National University of Ireland.

Tom Nolan our head of engineering, is a specialist in cloud computing and platform infrastructure. Part of the founding team, he is highly skilled with a decade of experience in software development and holds a Masters in cloud architecture and security.


Nicola Hudson is our Chief Communications Officer. An expert in advertising, marketing and broadcasting, with twenty years experience in leadership roles.

Eoin Payne

Eoin Payne is our Senior Software Engineer. His emphasis is on the website and user facing features.

Simran Vashishta

Simran Vashishta is our Founders Associate. Holding a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Simran is a key support to the executive team with particular focus on business development and marketing strategy.