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STRATxAI partner with Alpaca Markets for automated trading
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July 2024 · 1 min read

New broker partnership with Alpaca Markets

Feature Release

It is holiday season 2022 and what could be more festive than a new feature launch that makes your personal investing even easier. Enjoy spending the holiday with your family and friends while your investments look after themselves.

Choosing or designing your own investment strategy with STRATxAI is the fun part. Creating your STRATxAI portfolio is easy and integrating your STRATxAI account directly with your online broker makes it simple!

STRATxAI already offer integration with Interactive Brokers.
We are now expanding the broker suite to include Alpaca Markets in Beta.

This will be happy news to our many customers who use Alpaca already.
If you have not checked them out, setting up an account with Alpaca takes just a few minutes.

STRATxAI rebalancing emails will remind you of your monthly check in.
Apart from that, you can sit back and relax.

So how does it work

Broker integration is available to users who are subscribed to Established or Xplorer plans and have augmented with Connect.

When your STRATxAI and Alpaca accounts are integrated you can create, view and rebalance your investment portfolios using your chosen strategies with ease.

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