New improved broker integration with Interactive Brokers
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June 2024 · 2 min read

New improved broker integration with IBKR

Feature update

STRATxAI customers have been enjoying the ease of automated trading since our 2021 partnership launch with Interactive Brokers. (IBKR).

Now in October 2022 STRATxAI and Interactive Brokers have launched improvements to the API integration for an even smoother experience.

When your STRATxAI and IBKR accounts are integrated you can create, view and rebalance your investment portfolios using our quantitative strategies with ease.

To enjoy the benefits of automated trading you can simply pick a pre-built trusted strategy, create an investment portfolio and the trades are sent straight to IBKR. Users will need to be subscribed to an Established or Xplorer core plan with the augmentation of a Connect plan.

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