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February 2024 · 3 min read

STRATxAI launch wide range of Topics & Tutorials

Feature Release

School may be out for the summer but this June 2022 at STRATxAI the learning is just getting started. We are very proud to announce the launch of our eLearn wing, filled with Tutorials and Resources to support you on your investing journey.

From beginner to expert there are topics and tutorials for every level. Whether you are starting out on your investment journey and what to get a firm grasp on the basics or you are already a seasoned investor who wants to enhance their skills and knowledge.

1. Getting Started

Perhaps you have questions on choosing an STRATxAI strategy or how how to integrate your broker account. The How to Guides offer step by step instructions, cover common problems and answer your FAQ's. With 8 guides and growing, this is the perfect starting point.

Step-by-step guides to getting started with STRATxAI.
2. Tutorials on investing and portfolio management

Managing your personal investments and trading with your broker require familiarity with a range of topics from risk budgets, drawdown, risk parity and backtesting. In this topic there are at least 7 tutorials to choose from suitable from beginner to intermediate, while the braver scholars can go next level with "Don't be scared of the math".

Tutorials on investing and portfolios
3. Learn about equity style factors

With STRATxAI you have the tools and framework to design personal investment strategies and build investment portfolios all of which are based on the Style Factor investing method.

This means you are following a rules based approach, grouping stocks based on one or more criteria from company financial data. Leaving emotion and subjectivity at the door, your investing strategies will be based on facts and backed by data.

Improve your understanding of what equity factors are and why they are used in this topic with 8 posts from basics to advanced.

Learn about equity style factors

4. Quant data enthusiasts

Take your understanding of quant strategy to the next level. We offer 5 tutorials in this topic where you can deep dive into the data, exploring concepts, datasets and python code.

Quant data enthusiasts Start your deep dive into the data platform, exploring concepts, datasets and python code.

5. Using data to build factors

A great topic for those who want to enhance their knowledge to further improve the investment stratgies they choose and create. We show how to use company fundamental balance sheet and income statement data to identify the best companies.

5. Using data to build factors

** Update December 2022 **

6. Xplore and build your own investment strategies

With the launch of Xplore we have created a range of posts in this topic to guide you as you invent, create, test and clone your very own investment strategies.

6. Xplore and build your own investment strategies

Your input is invaluable as we continue to publish new topics and tutorials, let us know if there is an area you would like to see covered or anything we can help guide you on. Get in touch


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