STRATxAI release Xplore Stocks
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February 2024 · 1 min read

STRATxAI release Xplore Stocks

Feature Release

Excitement levels are through the roof this December 2022, with the launch of something we have been working on for quite some time.

Introducing Xplore Stocks

You can now invent, clone and edit your personal investing strategies with Xplore Stocks on STRATxAI.

Check it out

Open Xplore on your desktop to enjoy a guided tour of Xplore.

Once you are familiar with the options, check out the step by step guides for building strategies.

Test your strategy by running a Backtest and see how your investments could have performed over the past two decades. 

Download your personalised Tearsheet with full analysis, charts, graphs and breakdown of your stocks.

Share your tearsheet and compare strategies with other users on Discord to earn additional backtests!

Next steps are up to you, save, edit, clone and if you are on the Xplorer plan you can create a portfolio and start trading.

Download pdf of your Xplore strategy Tearsheet

Heres one we made earlier

Conor our co-founder had an idea for a low risk, high returns strategy.
He decided to focus on highly liquid companies, with low volatility across the whole universe of stocks
And he wanted stocks that had strong momentum which had been doing well.

It took him 2 minutes to select the factors he needed, liquidity, volatility and momentum, then sorted the stocks by low volatility.

Conor's selected factors

A moment later he had run the backtest and was enjoying the analysis that showed that performance over the past 12 years would have been strong.

Conor's backtest shows this strategy would have delivered strong performance over the past decade

Conor now has his personalised, tearsheet with all his strategy details and performance analysis which is fully shareable.

*Note: screenshots and images are from release in Xplore beta mode and may not correlate exactly with the Xplore Pro-tools you enjoy today.


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