Official launch of STRATxAI
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February 2024 · 2 min read

STRATxAI official launch


Today is a momentous day in the evolution of the AIKIDO investment platform.

Over the past 8 months our users have had the opportunity to test in Beta many of our new products including Xplore pro-tools for Stocks and ETFs. They have also been able to take advantage of new and enhanced integrations with Alpaca Markets and Interactive Brokers. An entirely new educational wing, packed with content and just last week the first Market Review.

Today, we are not only formally releasing the full suite of features but unveiling the biggest change of all.  AIKIDO is now STRATxAI

Introducing STRATxAI formerly AIKIDO

Why are we relaunching?

Quite simply we have grown beyond our original AIKIDO mission. With STRATxAI we can empower retail investors everywhere with the strategies, tools, and knowledge to invest like a pro.

STRATxAI is now the only end to end investing platform that enables retail investors from novice to expert to achieve their investing goals.

Why the name STRATxAI?

Strategy is the bedrock of successful investing. Our users have experienced the strength of  strategy powered by AIKIDO and data. Our AI specialists are now bringing the power of machine learning to the platform with very exciting things to come.

Is the investing platform still the same?

In the past few months in preparation for our relaunch, we tested loads of new features. So our AIKIDO users have already had the chance to try these out in Beta for free. These are all now fully tested and formally being released under STRATxAI

  • Today we release our first pre-built and proven ETF investment strategies
  • All pre-built Stock investment strategies have been reformatted for enhanced analysis
  • All users can access Xplore Pro-Tools to create their own investment strategy in ETF or Stocks.
  • And you can clone the pre-built strategies, edit and test your changes.
  • We've just debuted our Market Review last week which will be exclusive to STRATxAI subscribers.
  • Our connected users, can integrate STRATxAI with Alpaca Markets as well as our long standing broker partner IBKR.

Current AIKIDO customers

Keep an eye out for your first customer email from STRATxAI with everything you need to know about your new account set up.

All existing AIKIDO features will be part of STRATxAI. How our legacy customers access some of these features may change. We will be on hand to help with anything that crops up in the transition. If for some reason you have not received your email in the next day please reach out directly.


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STRATxAI official launch
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