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STRATxAI launch paper trading feature
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July 2024

STRATxAI release 1-click Paper trading

Feature Release

At STRATxAI we are always looking for ways to enhance your personal investing experience. With our trusted catalogue of pre-built stock investment strategies, you can select what what works for you and start trading with ease.

This week STRATxAI launched 1-Click Paper which means that now you can watch your chosen strategy before you begin to invest.

With 1-Click you can choose your preferred STRATxAI and watch live how it would perform with a hypothetical $10k investment.

Rebalance each month to watch how the algorithm identifies which stocks it would buy and sell. You don't need a broker account and you can create as many portfolios as you like. If you are comfortable with the performance of your paper portfolio, then you can live trade it with real capital via Alpaca or IBKR.

It's your hypothetical, simulated trading environment and it's Free.

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STRATxAI official launch
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