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February 2024 · 2 min read

STRATxAI release Xplore ETFs

Feature Release

This January 2023, you can now design, create, test and invest in your own ETF strategies with the release of Xplore ETFs on STRATxAI.

Following the successful release of Xplore Stocks in December 2022, we have been working at full speed to get Xplore ETFs rolled out.

Test out Xplore ETFs today and send us your feedback so we can continue to improve our features.

What is Xplore

With Xplore, we’ve taken the pro-tools of hedge funds and made them accessible to everyone. It's so easy to use that in just a few clicks you could be beating the S&P 500 benchmark.

Not only can you create your own investment strategy but you can establish its viability too. Review historical performance compared against the benchmark.

Download your personalised tearsheet and share with other users in our discord community.

Here is one we created:

Conor, our co-founder, had an idea for an inflation busting ETF strategy. Ambitiously he took the whole universe of US ETFs but excluded Bonds. With his core group in place he filtered these ETFs to include only those in the best 30% based on momentum. Next, he sorted by Relative Strength Index (RSI) and a portfolio size of 2 to identify the 2 most oversold ETFs. His personal strategy was created in just a few minutes and backtested against 17 years worth of the worlds best financial data.

You can check out some selections from his tearsheet below.

The strategy out performs the S&P500 on multiple metrics

Analysis shows the strategy performance strongly outperforming the benchmark on multiple metrics.

Cumulative return chart represents the performance in dollar form of the strategy

The strategy shows both higher return and less risk than the market.

the top 5 asset classes held across the backtest period
Shows the top 5 asset classes held across the backtest period
What next?

Open Xplore on your desktop to enjoy a guided tour of Xplore.

Once you are familiar with the format, check out the step by step guides for building strategies.

Check the historical performance of your strategy with backtests going back 2 decades.

Download your personalised Tearsheet and compare strategies with other users on Discord to earn additional backtests.

You can edit, clone and if you are on an Xplorer plan, you can also create a portfolio.

1- Your portfolio could be 1-click Paper; using a hypothetical $10k in a simulated trading environment allowing you to watch the performance in real time.

2- Create a Manual portfolio to use the guided portfolio manager on STRATxAI while trading alongside with your broker.

3- Users with Connect can integrate with their broker for automated live trading. STRATxAI users can enjoy seamless integration with Interactive Brokers and Alpaca Markets.

Whatever option you choose, we hope you enjoy Xploring and we would love to hear your feedback

Important note for EU and UK domiciled users

Check if you are set up to trade US ETFs. More on that here

*Note: screenshots and images may be from AIKIDO Beta mode at release and not exactly match the fully launched Xplore pro-tools you enjoy today.


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