STRATxAI bids farewell to Shane Monks O'Byrne and welcomes new CEO Paul Clifford
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September 2023 · 1 min read

Welcoming new CEO Paul Clifford


Celebrating one year since public launch

STRATxAI is proud to celebrate one year since publicly launching in August 2021.

Our founders set out with an ambitious goal; to remove the barriers to quantitative investing, and make it accessible to everyone. STRATxAI now provides a powerful data driven platform under the hood of an intuitive user experience that enables anyone to manage their own personal investments.

In just one year over 4,000 people have successfully embarked on their own journey as systematic, structured, and strategic investors in the stock market and crypto. This is just the beginning for them and for us, as we learn from them everyday.

As our year 1 comes to a close we bid a fond farewell to founder Shane Monks O'Byrne. His passion, vision and drive brought STRATxAI into being and without him, we would not be here today.

Introducing our new CEO

We are delighted to see Dr. Paul Clifford step up to the role of new CEO. Paul joined the STRATxAI board of advisors earlier this year before taking on the role of Head of Quantitative Strategy. He is well equipped to take the reins as CEO with extensive expertise in trading and quantitative investing.

Paul is supported by co-founder and CFO Conor Naylor and is entrusted by Shane to continue what has been started.

Since first discovering STRATxAI I’ve known that it has the potential to transform the world of investing for everyone.
New STRATxAI CEO Paul Clifford
To take over the reins as CEO, with such a talented team at my side is a privilege and I plan to fulfill the founding vision and even more
Paul Clifford

As co-founder of this extraordinary company I am grateful for Shane's energy and leadership so far.
STRATxAI CFO Conor Naylor supports Paul Clifford in his new role as CEO
Paul has already made a huge impact and with his industry experience and expertise, there are exciting times ahead for STRATxAI
Conor Naylor

I strongly believe this is the right direction for STRATxAI and that this reorg greatly increases our chances of success.
Shane O'Monks Byrne introduced Paul Clifford to STRATxAI board of advisors
I’m very optimistic about what is in store for STRATxAI and very confident in the capabilities of my successor and our new CEO, Paul Clifford
Shane Monks O'Byrne

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