Opening an Interactive Brokers Account
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June 2024 · 5 min read

How to open a broker account (IBKR)

Getting Started

This article is for users on an Established or Xplorer plan which has been augmented with Connect.

STRATxAI offers seamless integration with Interactive Brokers globally (as well as Alpaca)

If you are in the US ensure you have an IBKR Pro account, not IBKR lite.

In this post we go through some of the key steps to opening an Interactive Broker account. It should not take long to fill in the IBKR online form, provided you have a few key documents to hand. Check the requirements for your domain here before you get started.

You would want to factor in a few days to a week before you have a fully approved and funded IBKR Pro account (this is fast compared to most comparable brokers today). Once you are up and running it is straightforward to link your broker account to your STRATxAI account.

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