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Delisting, stock split, mergers and other corporate actions
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July 2024 · 5 min read

How to handle corporate actions

Getting Started

There are a few events which will trigger STRATxAI to automatically add a transaction to your STRATxAI portfolio. These can be summarised as Corporate Actions and they are explained in detail below.


A delisting occurs when a stock is removed from an exchange, this can happen for a variety of reasons including mergers, liquidation, or even lawsuits.

When this event occurs, your broker will automatically sell off the position for you – STRATxAI mirrors this event and adds a sell transaction to your portfolio to keep it inline with your broker.

This means you could have some extra cash lying about in your broker – the next rebalance will fix this and bring your portfolio back up to the number of stocks it is supposed to have.

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