Step by step guide to opening sub-accounts with Interactive Brokers
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June 2024 · 2 min read

How to create an IBKR sub account

Getting Started

This article is relevant to all Established and Xplorer plan users who have augmented with Connect for broker integration.

In order to have more than one integrated STRATxAI portfolio you will need to open one or more corresponding accounts with your broker. Or in the case of Interactive Brokers, you can add sub accounts to your master account.

Opening a sub-account allows an STRATxAI user to trade more than one strategy or portfolio at a time. Simply set up your IBKR sub account and then allocate individual strategies to separate sub-accounts.

1. Preparing to open a sub account

Sub accounts take just a few minutes to open, but may take one or more days for IBKR verification.

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