Alpaca Markets are now available to integrate with STRATxAI
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April 2024 · 1 min read

Alpaca now available to integrate with STRATxAI

Getting Started

December 2022 sees the introduction of Alpaca to STRATxAI.

This means that STRATxAI users can now select between two brokers, IBKR and Alpaca, when they choose to automate their portfolio trading. In order to integrate your account you need to be subscribed to an Established of Xplorer STRATxAI plan which has been augmented with Connect.

If you have an Alpaca account already set up, integrating takes just a moment.

If you don’t have an Alpaca account set up yet and want to try it out, its very quick to do.

A few key notes:

  • The integrated Alpaca account can only be used with STRATxAI. Do not hold other assets in there. Sell them. Or set up a separate Alpaca account for STRATxAI. There are no sub accounts offered by Alpaca.
  • Alpaca Markets do not offer integrated paper trading, but no fear, you can enjoy 1-click STRATxAI Paper instead.

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