Introduction to Xplore Stocks
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February 2024 · 2 min read

Introduction to Xplore Stocks


STRATxAI already offers you the simplest way to take control of your personal investments.

With a library full of pre-built strategies you can select one and create an investment portfolio in a few clicks. Watch the performance in a simulated environment or connect to your broker and invest straight away. The choice is yours.

Now with Xplore you have the pro-tools and framework at your fingertips to go a step further. You can design and build bespoke investment strategies of your choosing.

At STRATxAI we implement the Style Factor investing method. This means we are following a rules based approach, grouping stocks based on one or more criteria from company financial data.

Leaving emotion and subjectivity at the door, your investing strategies are based on facts and backed by data.

Your Xplore Stocks portfolio will include a diverse collection of the top ranked stocks selected by the investment strategy you create.

Use the Xplore universe, filter and ranks to generate your automatic portfolio.
Use the Xplore universe, filter and ranks to generate your automatic portfolio.
Getting started with Xplore

Creating an Xplore investing strategy is quick and easy, however we recommend getting familiar with the terms that are used and the factors and rankings that are available to use.

If you take a moment to read through the Xplore Guide and Glossary you will be sure to get the most out of the feature. The guides will hopefully spark your creativity too.

Testing your strategy

This is where you get to tap into the extraordinary engine of STRATxAI, built with all the functionality of a quantitative hedge fund. STRATxAI uses powerful computing to run your strategy through proprietary statistical and mathematical models using the world's largest dataset of companies' financial data.

Run your Backtest and wait for a moment while STRATxAI uses these algorithms to assess how your strategy would have performed at any period of time within the past 17 years.

Share your tearsheet

Each strategy you create and backtest will produce a tearsheet pdf which summarises your strategy and analysis. It is personalized with your chosen strategy name and chosen user name (or annonymous) so you can distribute or share the strategy and analysis.

Time to enjoy Xploring, the permutations are endless and your creativity will be unleashed.

Where to learn more

We recommend that to get the most out of Xplore, you refer to the Glossary and check out the additional Tutorials on Universe, Factors, Ranking and Backtests. There are also two posts showing the construction of two sample strategies, Value and Quality.

If you are not already familiar with Style Factors there are beginner and intermediate Tutorials available.

If it's your first time creating a portfolio, or using STRATxAI, you’ll find lots of help in the How To Guides and Tutorials on investing and portfolio management. Note. Linking a saved Xplore strategy to a portfolio is only available to users with an Xplorer plan.

Factor investing is for the patient investor who is committed to ride the highs and lows for the long term gain.  At STRATxAI we are committed to empowering investors with the strategies and skills to have that confidence and commitment. Markets are variable and portfolio performances can go up or down. That's why at STRATxAI our goal is to enrich an investors self-belief and enhance their ability to stand firm and achieve their long term investing ambitions.


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