Introduction to Xplore Stocks
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June 2024 · 2 min read

Introduction to Xplore Stocks


STRATxAI already offers you the simplest way to take control of your personal investments.

With a library full of pre-built strategies you can select one and create an investment portfolio in a few clicks. Watch the performance in a simulated environment or connect to your broker and invest straight away. The choice is yours.

Now with Xplore you have the pro-tools and framework at your fingertips to go a step further. You can design and build bespoke investment strategies of your choosing.

At STRATxAI we implement the Style Factor investing method. This means we are following a rules based approach, grouping stocks based on one or more criteria from company financial data.

Leaving emotion and subjectivity at the door, your investing strategies are based on facts and backed by data.

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Xplore Stocks - Create your own strategies

Introduction to Xplore Stocks. Design, create and invest in your own factor investing strategy
Introduction to Xplore Stocks
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