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June 2024 · 5 min read

Welcome to Xplore Stocks


Welcome to Xplore Stocks! You have just taken the first step to bringing your personal investing ideas to life.

With Xplore Stocks you have the tools and framework to design personal investment strategies and build investment portfolios all of which are based on the Style Factor investing method.

Why use Xplore Stocks?

This means you are following a rules based approach, grouping stocks based on one or more criteria from company financial data. Leaving emotion and subjectivity at the door, your investing strategies will be based on facts and backed by data.

Compare this to the exhaustive work, time and effort you could be spending on researching and tracking individual stocks, reacting to volatility and chasing returns, not to mention the emotional bias you will inherently place on your choices.

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Xplore Stocks - Create your own strategies

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