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June 2024 · 5 min read

What are the Xplore Stocks filters


No investment strategy can be constructed without some set of rules for your strategy to adhere to and follow. As part of our Xplore Stock offering, we give our users access to approximately 45 factors that cover a wide spectrum of company financial data and price performance data. These factors allow users to filter their stocks by a strict set of rules and to automate your own investment strategy.

As standard our core Beginner, Established and Xplorer plan users can apply 3 filters. If you want to unlock more filters augment your core plan with Xpert.

We discussed previously the concept of style factors, which are ways to group stocks together that share common underlying properties. These common underlying properties are found by using individual factors. Factors are single pieces of information that can be used to partly represent a style factor. Each of our 45 factors can therefore naturally be grouped into one of the style factors.

For example, value is a style factor and price-to-earnings, price-to-book would be factors. Similarly, quality is a style factor and operation margin, return-on-assets and debt-to-equity would all be the factors associated with the overall quality style factor.

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