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Market Review April 3 2023
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July 2024

Market Review - April 3, 2023


This week's discussion is an exciting one! We're diving headfirst into the market's rebound from the October 2022 lows. Will we witness the rise of another bull market or is this just an extended bear-market rally? We'll be exploring the phenomenal opportunity of value stocks. Finally, we'll take a panoramic view of the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

You can read last week's review here.

A new bull market in the making

Or is it? Let's dive into the data.

Despite facing steep interest rate increases in the past 12 months, the market has remained resilient. The Federal Reserve is anticipated to start cutting rates in the coming months, conditional on OPEC's oil-production cuts not leading to another inflationary surge. We have technically entered a bull market territory. The S&P 500's has risen 15.8% while the Nasdaq-100's has surged 22.7% from October 2022 bottom. We have graphed the performance of each index over the past year. Although the Nasdaq has shown an impressive return since October, it is still lagging behind the S&P 500's overall performance for the prior 12-months.

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