Market Review February 22 2023
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June 2024

Market Review - February 22, 2023


Losers’ Reversal

A well-known phenomenon in the stock market known as "loser's reversal" typically occurs in January. This means that stocks with negative price momentum in the previous year tend to perform better in January. We put this thesis to the test in the 2022/2023 market, and the results were quite surprising. We selected the best 100 and worst 100 performers from 2022 and tracked their performance in 2023 so far. While both groups had positive returns, the "losers" from 2022 delivered an astonishing year-to-date return of +44.5% and reached a peak of +70% in January.

Losers turning into winners in the equity markets

This weeks review

We take a sharp look at the recent state of the financial markets, critically examining how inflation, the Federal Funds Rate and the returns of the S&P 500 are inter-related. Digging in and exploring the correlations of various asset classes. Cryptocurrency focus is a technical analysis of Bitcoin. You can visit last weeks market review here.

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